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UK has come about due to the need for a more specialist short term rental platform which offers a far more personal, less risky, experience when properties are rented to visitors, whilst allowing visitors to be re-assured by the contracts and check-in, check-out processes advised by this site.  Whether you are renting or seeking anything from a single room to a whole house, we aim to bring about a higher service standard than others via the use of contracts to safeguard all, which can be bought from this site, so people trust and reuse this site and accommodation based upon good user experiences.

It may take a while to build the content and number of users and the site will contunually be evolving, but rest assured, this site will grow and be a real, unique alternative to any other site out there. News articles will begin appearing in this section from guest 'industry bloggers' who will offer their opinions and tips which we hope you will find useful and interesting.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to conact us with any questions.


Tristan  (News Dept)


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